Elspec’s ever-expanding product range covers every aspect on Power Quality, from Power Quality enhancement systems, Class A meters, DFR & PQ analysis software. Our innovations optimize electrical power consumption for electrical energy savings and offer comprehensive solutions for Power Quality.

Elspec Ltd. is ISO 9001:2000 certified and all products comply with international safety, environmental, electromagnetic & measurement standards such as Class A, EMC (Environmental & Safety), CE, UL & FCC. Equipment & systems are shipped and commissioned on-site only after undergoing stringent in-house testing and approval.

Elspec’s international team of professionals with in-depth experience in electrical engineering is ready to provide a tailor-made strategy that will enable a sustainable and efficient use of your electrical energy.


Power Quality Analysis Products

Portable Devices

Elspec's range of BLACKBOX Class A portable analyzers and meters have been specifically designed for electricity monitoring in the field. It empowers site engineers, electrical consultants and utilities power quality data at a high definition, with no missed events, a quick and simple setup, and remote connectivity. Whether you want to understand your utility costs, improve efficiency, install energy savings devices, explore alternative energy solutions, the BLACKBOX provides you with the essential monitoring tools to meet your energy monitoring requirements.

G4500 BlackBox PQA

The revolutionary G4500 BLACKBOX is the next generation in PQ Analyzers that provides accurate detection & isolation of PQ problems for effective preventive maintenance. With its’ patented data compression algorithm, the PQZIP, the BLACKBOX stores onboard all the waveforms of every network cycle up to a 1+ year, at a resolution of 1,024 samples per cycle.
The wireless G4500 BLACKBOX is equipped with a built-in 802.11 b/g access point and Ethernet router, allowing it for portable analysis from any remote location.

G3500 BlackBox PQA

The G3500 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is another addition to the BLACKBOX Portable device series. It is PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings, and is equipped with most of the desired features for effective Portable Power Quality Analysis at an affordable price.

Fixed Systems

The fixed BLACKBOX device series has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate solution for fixed and permanent power quality monitoring. The BLACKBOX family is PQZIP enabled, allowing for continuous recording capabilities in a manageable storage space. This capability makes it quick and easy to install and if required free from any thresholds. The BLACKBOX far surpasses the requirements for IEC 61000-4-30 class A, and is able to capture the finest details and deviations in power quality parameters. It also features a precise device synchronization algorithm allowing for the control, comparison and analysis of time-synchronized data recorded by any number of BLACKBOX devices within a particular site or across many sites. The range covers all aspects from digital fault recording, to power quality analyzers and smart meters.

G4430 BlackBox PQA

The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect PQ Analysis solution. Its’ enhanced capabilities are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs & requirements for almost any business and, or application.

G4420 BlackBox PQA

The G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is part of the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. Equipped with PQZIP patented compression technology, it offers the advantages of continuous waveform recordings and is considered as the mid-ranged module of the series.

G4410 BlackBox PQA

The G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is another addition to the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. It is also PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings, however it is a more compact economical alternative of the series.

PQ Management Software [PQSCADA]

The PQSCADA PQ software has been designed to specifically manage all aspects of PQ data. The software forms the heart of the BLACKBOX device series & may be connected to an infinite number of devices. The flow of PQ data can be described as follows:


PQSCADA collects all waveform data that has been continuously recorded in the compressed PQZIP file format.



The data is processed and organized for quick access and storage. A wide range of electrical parameters are then calculated based on the raw PQZIP data. The reorganized PQZIP data, and the calculated parameters with statistics included, are stored and available on the network for later retrieval.


All the electrical information, including event flagging & notifications are delivered over a number of communication gateways. This feature includes report exports in various compatible formats such as COMTRADE, PQDIF, CSV, RTF, HTML, PDF, etc.


Detailed data can be easily analyzed by any number of clients at any location. The Investigator Software provides an immediate, comprehensive and understandable picture of everything that happened within the network

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Digital Fault Recorders

Power Quality Solution Products

PF Correction


A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The EQUALIZER is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes all power quality factors and more, for a variety of dynamic fast changing balanced, unbalanced & single phase loads. The EQUALIZER features electronic switching of 5-20 Milliseconds @ 50 Hz, transient-free switching, voltage support, harmonic filtration, flicker & current spike reduction.

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This system is a cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Capable of delivering compensation at a rate of 1 second or typically 3-4 seconds maximum, the ACTIVAR can deliver an unlimited number of transient-free operations, is a low-cost replacement for electro-mechanical power factor solutions and is equipped with a comprehensive reporting system.

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Voltage Control


The EQUALIZER-TURBO provides ride-through compensation for all three-phases at 0.3pu, voltage dip ΔU 70% for a typical duration of 2 seconds, with no limitations place on voltage swells. Clients may also specify an even longer duration to meet their individual requirements for production. This ride-through capability easily resolves almost all the voltage disruptions in rural areas and developed countries. In addition the device restores the voltage to 1.0pu of its nominal value (+-15%). Due to independent phase compensation, the EQUALIZER-TURBO can correct each phase accurately and independently. EQUALIZER-TURBO comes with integrated software monitoring system with event notification and remote access facility.


The EQUALIZER-RT is a transient-free static compensation system that has been modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications. The EQUALIZER-RT is specially designed for wind turbines & to deliver substantial reactive power even during very deep voltage sags.

Harmonic Filtering

Passive Harmonic Filter

Elspec’s passive harmonic filter is a dynamic and flexible solution that absorbs all the harmonics from all sources connected to the network system. Designed as a dynamic compensation system, it has the ability to respond to all the reactive energy and maintain harmonic filtration requirements in less than one network cycle (based on the EQUALIZER operating specifications). By automatically calculating the reactive energy consumption, high harmonic levels and dynamic load changes in real-time, it is able to provide a complete answer to power quality compensation for almost any electric network condition.

Motor Startups


The EQUALIZER-ST has been designed to provide a lucrative solution for the challenges faced during large motor start-ups. Typically demands during these start-up activities, create reactive currents that are 3-8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period. Consequently, this leads to a voltage drop in the local network that is not designed to withstand these temporary high currents. The EQUALIZER-ST reduces voltage drops, demanded current & dynamically compensates for the high reactive energy demand, only for the required time-period.

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