Current Injection

Primary Current Injection Systems

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Secondary Single Phase Systems

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100ADM mk4
100A 1 minute

200ADM-P 200A 6 seconds/100A
1 minute with phase shifter

Current filter units

100A/E 200A 1 minute

RB10 Resistor box

750ADM mk2/
750ADM-H mk2
750A 30s/500A 1 minute

Up to 5000A40s 6.9kVA

PCU2 mk5
6000A 5 minutes, 10kA 1s20kVA

Secondary Three Phase Systems

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50A 1 minute

200A 1 minute
Relay Test

Voltages Sources

DVS3 3 phase voltage source

Current Sources for Relay Test




100ADM-F filter unit
High Voltage AC

KV5-100 5kVac 100mA

KV10-120 mk2 10kVac 120mAr

KV15-80 mk2 15kVac 80mA

KV30-40 mk2 30kV 40mA

KV30-40D 30kV 40mA
Digital metering

KV30-100 30kV 100mA
KV50-100 50kV 100mA

KV50-200 50kV 200mA
KV100-100 100kV 100mA

KV5-4000 5kV 4A
KV10-2000 10kV 2A
KV15-1200 15kV 1.2A

KV5-4000/2 5kV 4A
KV10-2000/2 10kV 2A
KV15-1200/2 15kV 1.2A
High Voltage DC Cable Test Systems

PT15-10S 15kVdc 10mA

PT18-10 ±18kVdc 10mA

PT30-10 ±30kVdc 10mA

DP20 & DP40 Discharge Probes
20kV & 40kV