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FLIR Systems Corporate Movie

MSX vs non MSX a FLIR Systems

FLIR Camera Selector Movie

I Series

Ex Series

Exx Series

Flir Tools

What is Infrared?

Why use IR

Spot pyrometer VS Thermal camera

Infrared Thermography for Maintenance

Infrared Thermography for the
Building Industry

Additel 761-LLP Stability Test

761 Automated Pressure Calibrator

681 Digital Pressure Gauge

672 Digital Pressure Calibrators

ADT22X Series Multifunction
Process Calibrators

901 & 912 Low Pressure Test Pumps

914 & 916 Pneumatic Pressure Test Pumps

936, 938 & 949 High Pressure
Hydraulic Calibration Pumps

927 Purge

Additel Switch Test Application Video

Company Video for Hioki E.E. Corporation

Digital Multimeters DT4200 Series

HIOKI Digital Multimeters DT4281
and DT4282

Introduction to the HIOKI IR4056/
IR4057 Insulation Tester

Lux/Light Meter

Improve LED Lighting Inspection Productivity | LED Optical Meter TM6101

IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof Earth Resistance Tester | FT6031 Earth Tester

Ground Clamp with Unsurpassed Repeatability - Clamp On Earth Tester FT6380/FT6381

Dataloggers & Recorders: Multi-Channel Data Acquisition & Recording | Memory HiCorder MR8847 Series

Multi-channel Bluetooth Data Logger | Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20

Multi-channel Handheld Data Logger | Memory HiLOGGER LR8400 Series

Verify the Integrity of your Solar Panels - PV Power Verifiers LR8400-92/93

8 Channel Memory Recorder with CAN Bus Input - MEMORY HiCORDER MR8875

Component Tesers: Impedance Analyzer IM3570, 4 Hz to 5 MHz

Resistance Tester RM3545 Series, Wide Range 10 mO to 1000 MO

Portable Resistance Testing | Resistance Meter RM3548

Power Quality Analyzer: HIOKI PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer PW3198 | 3P4W, 600V, Class A

3P4W Power Logging | PW3360-20 Clamp On Power Logger |ortable Resistance Testing | Resistance Meter RM3548

Power Analyzer: 3 Phase 4 Wire Analyzer for EV and Hybrid Testing | Power Analyzer 3390 |

3-channel AC/DC Digital Power Meter PW3337 |

G4K BLACKBOX Innovation

Elspec- PQA-N Whats behind it

Elspec- PQA_How to correct Config

BLACKBOX Advanced Features

Monitoring IEC61000 4 30

Elspec Blackbox 4430
Web Interface and PQSCADA

Problems Solved Elspec
Blackbox 4430 Units providing
latest measured data to PQSCADA

Elspec Saves Energy @ Peker Steel

Elspec Equalizer in Honda plant

ISOCAL-6: Black Body Source

ISOCAL-6: Metal Block Bath

Using Isotech Dry Blocks to Test Thermostats

Isotech Temperature Controllers

Isotech Temperature Indicators

Schaffner Group: International
Leader in EMC and
Power Quality

Current-compensated chokes for
the circuit board up to 80A

NEW Locking System for
IL 13 Power cords in combination
with IEC C14 inlet filters

Schaffner ECOsine Applications Examples

Active Harmonic Filtering from NHP

Reactive power, active filter

An Introduction To Seaward Solar

Electrical testing for PV systems in under one minute

PV150 Instruction Guide

Fast and Simple PV Power analysis using the Seaward Solar Power Clamp

Advanced Solar Survey Irradiance Meters

How To Test A PV Installation

Introduction to Time Electronics Ltd, manufacturer of calibration instruments

An Overview of Time Electronics Calibration and Instrumentation Products

Calibration Bench

EasyCal Calibration Software from Time Electronics

F.W. Bell Gauss meter testing

DO7 Plus Digital Microhmmeter

Clare Electrical Safety Test Solutions

PAT Test Training - PrimeTest 50

PAT Tester - PrimeTest 100

PrimeTest 250 Plus Video

PrimeTest 350 PAT Tester

Apollo 600 Health and Safety
based PAT Tester

Powercheck 1557 Combined PAT
Tester & Installation Tester

Seaward ClareHAL 104

Clare SafeTest Luminaire
and Lighting Tester

HAL Combi 4-in-1 Electrical
Safety and Hipot Tester

Clare Elite Electrical Safety Analyser

An Introduction to PAT Testing

SUP600E Instructional Video