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  • What areas can I enter with an intrinsically safe instrument?
    Hazardous areas must be defined by the employer into designated zones and instruments must be certified for those zones. The type of hazardous atmosphere (gas, dust, mining) must be specified and the auto ignition temperature of that zone must be identified with instruments selected that are rated safe for thier temperature.
  • How Work Humidity Generator/Calibrator ?
    Most Comprehensive Temperature, Humidity and Dew-Point Calibration offering on the Market. We offer a Full Range of Temperature & Humidity Calibration Equipment and Systems. Reduce Process Disruption. Dedicated Team of Experts.
  • Can I customize the sensor range of the base unit?
    No. Each unit will come an internal pressure module covers the base unit’s full range. This module is removable and additional modules can be purchased to cover other ranges with higher precision. Each unit has to come with a sensor so that we can test its functions over the full range.
  • Why Additel ?
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  • How AMTPL Works ?
    AMTPL is
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