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Additel 151 - Digital Pressure Module


  • Pressure ranges to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar)
  • Accuracy of 0.02%FS, 0.01%FS or 0.01%RD
  • Fully temperature compensated accuracy
  • Two pressure range per module
  • Exclusive calibration fixture
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • ISO17025 accredited calibration and data included
  • Optional calibraiton fiture with software

Additel 151 - Digital Pressure Module

  • Additel’s 151 pressure modules have been designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind and can easily be swapped out as needed to meet changing needs and workloads. Higher pressure ADT151 modules cover two separate pressure ranges and come with individual calibrations for each range. This allows for each module to accuracy cover a wide range or pressure workloads. Also, each ADT151 is available in (3) different accuracy levels (0.02% FS, 0.01% FS and 0.01% of reading) to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Additel's 151 pressure modules provide users with the flexibility and dependability end users have come to expect.


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