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Additel 783 - Pressure Controller


  • Pressure ranges from -14.35 psi (-0.99 bar) to 3600 psi (250 bar)
  • Two removable internal pressure modules with multi-range selection
  • 0.02% FS, 0.1% FS, and 0.011% RD accuracies available
  • Control stability of 0.003%FS
  • Ultra-High speed pressure control
  • Absolute and Gauge Pressure
  • WiFi enabled communications
  • Large 7" color touch screen display
  • Optional barometer module
  • Easy-to-use icon driven interface
  • I/O alarm

Additel 783 - Pressure Controller

    • Flexible Module Design

      In order to cover the wide range of pressure and simplify the calibration task, the ADT783 can be quickly installed with two controlling modules and one reference barometric module; Each module provides dual range or dual accuracy. Such flexible modular design allows users to configure different modules depending on their cost, pressure range and accuracy requirement. The quick plug-in feature makes the controller’s calibration work become quite easy.

    • Quick Change Pressure Modules (30 seconds)

      Additel's 151 pressure control modules can be installed or replaced within 30 seconds or less. Simply open the upper edge of the cabin to open. As the door opens, the controller will automatically release pressure, providing the safe removal and installation of the ADT151 modules.

    • Convenient Automatic Calibration of Internal Pressure Control Module

      For production line users, higher frequency calibration and comparison of the pressure control module is an important guarantee means to improve the uncertainty of test calibration. The ADT783 can be connected with a external high-precision pressure module, which can be used to achieve regular comparison of the internal pressure control module, and can also realize the automatic calibration of the internal pressure control module.

    • Modular Design, Easy Maintenance

      The ADT783 adopts a variety of easy maintenance design methods, which can quickly change the pressure control module, quickly change the pressure control component, quickly clean the solenoid valve, and fine filtration of pollution particles.

    • 20% Pressure Step Within 10 Seconds

      In the process of efficient and fast-paced production line testing, verification and calibration, users have strict requirements on the speed of pressure controllers. ADT783 adopts professional control technology to effectively improve control rate and stability: control response time (typical) ≤10 Seconds, control stability (typical) ≤±(0.001~0.003)%FS, See specifications for more details.

    • Volt Free Contacts

      Volt Free Contacts enable control of peripheral devices such as vacuum pumps, ovens, etc. Each VFC option has three independent volt-free NO/NC relay contacts. A number of conditions can be set within a Additel instrument to trigger a relay toggling its contacts.

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